Zamalek: The door is open to electrification if he wants to return .. We will not sacrifice the club for him

Amir Mortada Mansour, general supervisor of the ball at Zamalek club, said that the door is open to Mahmoud Abdel Moneim "electrifying" if he wants to return to the White Castle again.

Media reports have pointed to contacts between Zamalek officials and Kahraba in order to return to the team after its recent crisis.

"The door is definitely open to Kahraba if he has the desire to return to Zamalek, but we have not talked to him as it has been reported recently," Amir Murtada told the evening program.

He went on: "It is definitely in his hand, it is he who left and left the club in this way and sees that he has a right and his contract is over, and therefore he has chosen his way."

"But we are an old club and do not stand on any player, whatever his name, we have a list of 30 players and a large base of youth, we will not sacrifice the club for electricity."

"We will not go and talk to him, because this will give any player the opportunity to twist the club's arm to amend his contract," Amir Murtada Mansour said.